Thursday, 16 June 2011's nearly time!

Apologies for the slight hiatus between posts at present, I promise I shall try and be a bit more regular with my updates...

I got the idea of starting this blog after reading about the cpd23 challenge , which officially begins on Mon 20th June. Each week there will be a new 'Thing' for participants to try out and blog about, so you're going to be hearing quite a bit about it in the coming weeks...!

I personally decided to take part in this because I am in the middle of working towards my CILIP Chartership and it seems like a really good way of forcing myself to try out some new things, and maybe even be able to incorporate some of them into my daily working life.

The emphasis is on how these 'Things' can help our professional development. I don't know about fellow law librarians, but I have always found professional development  to be something that I didn't really spend a great deal of time thinking about - I just took it for granted that I was 'developing' more skills the longer I worked in law libraries. While this is undoubtedly true to an extent, I cannot deny that my decision to try and Charter has really forced me to carry out a somewhat long overdue 'skills audit', and it's actually been quite a challenge - not only to lay out the precise areas in which I want to develop - but also to ascertain how I shall go about doing so.

I'm really quite excited about taking part in the 23 Things project at any rate - roll on 20th June!

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