Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Amazing what you get done when there's a power cut...


Have just been able to get back online after a nearly 3 hour power cut, and it's been quite an eye opener even in that short of space of time to realise how our entire workplace ground to an almost complete halt as a result of no electricity. (Not least because we couldn't even make a cup of coffee...!) Other than the lucky(?) folk with fully charged laptops, the rest of us have spent the time actually getting done all those annoying little tasks that otherwise, there simply isn't the opportunity to do...which got me thinking - is it really the case that there is no opportunity to do things like tidying out your desk drawers, or catching up on hard copy current awareness reading - or in my case, transcribing all those annoying post-it notes into one notepad! - or is it simply that we are now all so utterly reliant on our PCs/laptops that any tasks that don't involve them make us feel like we aren't actually doing 'proper' work?
I know there are times that I feel if I were to pick up a hard copy journal that's been sat in my in-tray and start reading it at my desk, I would be very self-conscious of people around me thinking that I was just skiving off. That kind of reading for me is consigned to the train journeys to and from work - not done at your desktop!

I was never in the workplace prior to the onslaught of email/internet etc, therefore I find it almost impossible to imagine an office environment where everything was done on paper, so maybe my feelings are just a product of my generation...

Anyway - it's been a surprisingly productive afternoon for me nonetheless!

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