Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An unusual enquiry...historical climate data...

I was recently asked to obtain very specific information with regard to the climate, over a specific period in a very specific part of the UK! And - of course - it was super urgent. Needless to say this wasn't something I had ever had to look for before, and because of the need for very precise data, even just (just!?! - ah the irony) obtaining copies of weather forecasts from old newspapers for that area would suffice.

After much Googling/general frustrated tearing of hair, it became apparent that all roads lead to the Met Office, if you want to obtain reassuredly authoritative and accurate data. I was delighted to find that they could indeed supply the data that I wanted, from a recording station that was as near to the area in question as possible. Brilliant. The downside was that there'd be a hefty charge involved, which never goes down well in today's cost-conscious environment...Anyway, the upshot is that owing to a lack of other options,we paid the fee and got the data, and in the process I learned a great deal about humidity and temperature - everyone's a winner!!! ;)

Just a little taste of the randomness of some of the things we are asked for here in the law firm library....

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