Monday, 11 July 2011

Thing 4 - followup

Finally got a chance to post some follow up thoughts on my experiences this week with the current awareness tools in Thing 4! Been another manic week in the law library but got a few interesting things I would like to blog about whenever I get the chance! Anyway, back to Thing 4...

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I already used an RSS reader and found it really useful. This last week I decided to add a few more cpd23 participants' blogs, as I have been finding it difficult to find the time at work to explore other blogs and see how others are getting on with the programme. This has worked quite well and so I feel a bit happier in that I have actually had a chance to find out how others have found Thing 4.

One post I found particularly useful was from Palely Loitering - Laura's thoughts on Twitter really helped me. I was struggling to use Twitter in a professional capacity - I think I mentioned this in my earlier post - firstly I can't access it at work anyway, and secondly, I wasn't sure what I would actually Tweet even if I could! However, Laura reminded me that I can use it just as much to follow others and thereby aid my own current awareness on a real-time basis, as I can follow things as and when they happen, as opposed to, for example, waiting for a weekly newsletter rounding up developments in my field. I have since started following several people/institutions, and although I can only access it at home, I can definitely see there is a benefit there. I definitely want to try using it more actively at some point, but for now, I feel happier that I can at last see a purpose in it in a professional capacity! Following some fellow cpd23 bloggers as well as @CILIPinfo and @BIALL_uk....

Have to admit I am pretty glad there is a reflection week coming up, as I think I could do with some time just to consider all we have covered so far. I am really enjoying the programme, not least because I enjoy writing this blog. Now all I need are just a few more hours in the day.... :))

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